About Us

Control Technologies International is quickly becoming one of the global leaders in designing, manufacture and supply of hydraulic components and systems for the fluid power industry.

Improve the competitiveness of your products by:
Designing systems and supplying components that are appropriate, not trying to force your application to fit our range of products. CTI is committed to understanding your requirements and being approachable, always available and ready to assist you.

Reduce your costs:
 We will respond quickly and efficiently to your changing requirements and understanding your needs. Supplying systems that are appropriate, reducing development lead times and not using redundant technology. Endeavoring to deliver components to you 100% on time with zero defects. We will work with your team to facilitate an efficient and cost effective manufacturing process.

Peace of mind:
By supplying the right components at the right price and adding to the reliability of your products. Our competent engineering department is available to assist you in specifying the best product for your system. And by dealing honestly with you, if problems arise, resolving them quickly and acceptably.

Our design staff have gained an enviable reputation for overcoming problems that others have declined to solve. Our products are widely acknowledged as being innovative and of high quality.
Manifold blocks are manufactured, assembled and tested in order to ensure that our exacting standards are adhered to. All our products are made to exemplary standards, manufactured from high grade materials with close tolerance to give higher functional accuracy and a longer working life.

All our products are assembled by our trained and experienced technicians ensuring the reliability and consistent quality that you expect.
Testing & Quality Control:
Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified in quality control procedures. We are also meticulous about cleanliness, 100% of our products are tested. Our products will not introduce damaging contaminants into your system.  We also aim for a minimal environmental impact from our operations.